As you may know, differences and disagreements arose between us in 2012 regarding The GROOVE Method™. We are pleased to announce that we have amicably settled our differences and agreed on a way forward. A comprehensive, confidential settlement agreement has been signed and is being implemented. Essentially, pursuant to our settlement agreement, we will each operate separate businesses.

 The relevant trademarks related to The GROOVE Method are confirmed as owned by Misty and she will operate with them. See

Melanie will be operating her business under the name of DANCEPL3Y and will be using content inspired by The GROOVE Method™, See

 We thank each other for reaching the settlement agreement and implementing it. We regret any inconvenience or confusion we might have caused any of the followers and devotees of the Groove Method and any others. We are committed to the best experience for all of you. We urge you to choose the best program for you and wish you all a wonderful and healthy future.

Misty Tripoli and Melanie Guertin.


 Misty Tripoli – Creator of THEGROOVE (The GROOVE Method™) and Founder of The World GROOVE Movement™